Welcome to Cynthia, a lifestyle blogger based in NYC. She is a travellover and share all the things she love and explore during her travel on her blog  simplycyn. Enjoy her latest trip in Morocco.


How could you describe your trip in Morocco?

Exhilarating, Energizing and Exciting.


What about people there?

People were warm, fun, not at all shy, there was very little holding back. They were approachable and approached us, they chatted, told stories, asked questions.

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Could you make a top 3 of things you love in…?

  • Marrakech? the beautiful chaos that is the medina, Marrakech design especially in the riads, garden restaurants
  • Casablanca ? the intersection of old and new as in Hassan II Mosque- it looks and feels historic until you find out that it was completed in 1993. Art deco architecture, oceanfront views and nice walks along La Corniche.
  • Chefchaouen? The main square (Plaza Uta el-Hammam), the Lina Ryad- no better place to stay, the Cascades d’Akchour waterfalls.

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What about food? What did you prefer?

I tried a camel burger in Marrakech. I was so nervous but I felt I had too. It was actually quite tasty and not as gamey as I expected. I however much preferred lamb dishes, especially lamb tagine which I ordered almost everywhere we went


About moroccan teatime?

I’m not even a tea drinker but I fell in love with the combo of Moroccan mint tea and moroccan cookies. I also loved how the different regions prepared tea differently. In Chefchaouen for example, there was plenty of green tea leaves, fresh mint and sugar. Compare to marrakech wehere we were served tea with very little mint leaves or sugar.

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And more important thing, what about shopping? Best adresses?

In Marrakech, the souks are great and a must, but after a while, everything starts to look the same. For some original pieces, try smaller boutiques. I especially enjoyed Max &Jan, Anitan Rugs and 33 Rue Majorelle.

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How your look could be influenced by your trips experiences?

When I travel, I dress for ease and comfort, I also make sure that it would be appropriate for where i’m headed.

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What souvenirs bring back to Morocco?

I brought back cookies, spices, argan oil for skin and argan oil for eating (didn’t realize prior that there was an edible form, great on salads). I bought jewelry in ChefChaouen and was very close to buying a rug.

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How do you choose your travel destinations?

I read alot of travel mags and blogs, always curious to find a destination that offers food, culture, art and shopping. The final deciding factor is always a good deal on the flights. I subscribe to a few travel deal notification sites and I’m always on the lookout.

www.visiterlafrique.com morocco

www.visiterlafrique.com morocco

What is your next African destination?

Cameroon, it’s been too long since I’ve been. I plan on going back like a tourist and truly exploring all that it has to offer. I also plan on eating alot. I miss the food I grew up on. making it here is not quite the same.