It takes the right people to show you the beauty of a city. I never took this to heart until I experienced it a couple of months ago. I visited this city once with my family during the summer. Summer time here means beach and sun, fresh fish, crowds and chaos. I hate sitting on the beach just to see parasols, people’s hats and heads instead of the sea and to hear noise instead of the soothing sound of waves.

 I met up with a friend who happened to live in that town. I told him that I didn’t like his city. He suggested I revisit Mly Bousselham and give it another chance.



Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Mly Bouselham (Mly is short for Moulay) is a fishing town located between Kénitra and Laarache. It takes its name from a Sufi teacher who once lived there and whose tomb, along with that of some of his followers, can still be found among the houses.

Moulay Bouselham - Morocco - Visiter - L'Afrique



This town is home to many interesting landscapes. Its Blue Lagoon Merja Zerga offers a quiet place to chill and meditate, and to watch migratory and permanent waterfowl. The forest neighboring the lagoon with its crawling sand is charming and its sea side, seemingly endless, will entice you for a swim.



During summer time, you have the option of a great number of activities including driving quads and buggies along the beach, horseback riding, and even paragliding. Fishing lovers will definitely enjoy a fishing trip. Some fishermen will even take you along with them deep into the sea if the weather allows it. My friend also happens to be a fisherman and is filled with stories of him fishing at all times of the day. I learnt a trick or two from him.


Moulay Bouselham - Morocco - Visiter L'Afrique


If you’re curious about local life, you can chitchat with the women collecting shellfish or the fishermen along the coast line. Their humility and smiles will warm your heart. A walk into the market will amaze you, especially during berries season, as the region is known for growing blueberries. Apparently they also cultivate dragon fuit which I never knew!



Accommodation-wise, this town offers a wide variety to choose from including camping grounds, houses, villas, appartements and hotels inside the village, facing the lagoon or the beach. My favorite place to stay at, besides my friend’s place, is Villa Nora, a spot located away from the city center. The villa is very cosy with an amazing view overlooking the ocean. Breakfast in the garden facing only the beach and the occasional sunbathing cows is heavenly.



As for food, I personally love grilled fish with a nice salad. Simply delicious! You can find most restaurants in the city center. I would diffently recommend Restaurant Milano. I don’t want to brag but I have my own chef :D, my dear friend normally does the cooking and I rarely do the dishes :/



I ended up falling madly in love with Mly Bousselham. I can’t wait to return; I had the nicest tan ever this year and the yummiest grilled fish.