The charm of the Levant… the beautiful colors of the East, the magical world of 1001 nights and Sherazad, that’s how you feel when you first enter Alef Gallery in Zamalek (Cairo – Egypt). Those were also our same feelings when we first stepped in the small world of Alef Gallery in Zamalek, it’s that same beauty that attracted thousands of travelers to Cairo centuries ago.3_Loulia_72dpi_900pxThe entrance of the gallery may seems like any gallery in Cairo, but this one is completely different. It is like a small museum of Art.

6_Chairs_Alef_Cairo_900px_72dpiFrom the moment you walk in, you feel it’s a museum for the REVIVAL of the Egyptian & Middle Eastern Art. Egyptian art through all its different periods, Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, Ottoman. Everywhere you look, the details are amazing. You will never want to leave because your eyes will be busy looking to the portraits on the wall, the art pieces, even the ceiling and the coverage of the air conditioner; it’s all full of Details!

7_mirror_Alef_Cairo_900px_72dpiWe were surprised to know that everything in that place is 100% Egyptian made and handmade!! Nothing is imported, everything is made in Egypt! What a proud!

4_Portrait_Art_Alef_Cairo_900px_72dpiThe place is owned and managed by Loulia and her Mother. Loulia is half Egyptian (from her mother side) and half Iraqian from her father’s side. She studied Art in London then went to Paris to continue her studies in art in “Ecole d’art de Paris”. Later she returned to Egypt to help her mum with her mission of reviving the Egyptian Art…
2_Collage_texture_72dpi_900pxAlef gallery opened in 1991. International magazines wrote beautiful reviews about Alef Gallery “Marie Claire” “Vogue” “A&K”.

That place definitely worth a visit!



14 Mohamed Anis St, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt (Very close to Hilton Zamalek)


Opening hours:
10:30 AM – 2:00 PM & 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.
Closed on Sunday and month of August.