Sinai is one of the best Hidden Gems in Egypt.
There are endless varieties where you can stay in, varying from simple camps to 5 stars hotels.

The <<Camps in Sinai>> is one of the hidden gems in Egypt. 
The tourists who go to Sharm el-Sheikh are mainly looking for the luxury hotels and the loud night life.
But the life in camps is completely different.
You step out of your comfort zone, reconnect with nature, sleep in wooden huts and share toilets.

It is a unique experience, with no electricity after midnight and only the stars to light your way, the mountains behind you, the sand beneath you and the sea in front of you. 
It is that great time where you disconnect from everything and connect with nature.
Once you are at one of the camps there, there are many things that can be done:


  • Relax on the beach (read your favorite book, meditate, do yoga..)


  • Do snorkeling in the sea


  • Buy authentic Bedouin accessories from the Bedouin ladies that walk on the beach


  • Visit the coloured canyon


  • Spend a day in Castle Zaman


  • Visit Fjord bay


  • Visit Saladin Citadel in Taba


How long do you recommend to stay? 
5 to 7 days


Which period is the better to go?

April, May, Sep, October.


What’s the budget to stay there? 

The average rate per night is EGP 120 for a hut for 2 persons (excluding official holidays) + 100 minimum charge per person per day (you should order food or drinks at least with this amount). The person cost is approximately only 21$ per day!