Who hasn’t wished to be the Queen from the Egyptian inspired Michael Jackson’s music video “Remember the time”? I sure did.


Still under the grasp and the charm of Egypt, “Mother of the World”. Here are other landmarks and other many ancient and cultural cities that I would love to visit and discover during my trip.



A couple of minutes away from Giza, it is an ancient burial ground for kings and nobles. It is made up of many chambers and rooms that once held the necessary items for the travel to the afterlife.  The walls of the chambers are decorated by hieroglyphs.


Luxor temple - Luxor - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique


Known to the Greeks as Thebes, it is the world’s open air museum thanks to the presence of the ruins of many temples and tombs within the city.  The Luxor Museum is known for its range of artifacts such grave goods, statues and two royal mummies and others.


Luxor Temple

Located in the east bank of the Nile River, it is believed to be the place where many kings were crowned. It houses many temples such the temple of Seti, Hatshepsut, Ramesses II, and Ramesses III.


Mummification Museum

For the discovery of the ancient art of mummification, this museum provides explanation of the techniques used to mummify not only humans, but also cats and other animals.


Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple - Luxor - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

It’s made up of temple ruins, chapels and other buildings. During the ancient Egypt, this temple was used for worship.


Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

I learnt that in order to enjoy the valley (and Luxor in general ), it is recommended to go on a hot-air balloon.


Valley of the Queens

Also known as “the Place of Beauty”, it is the burial grounds of the wives of the Pharaohs in ancient times.



This city prospered as a trading port thanks to its geographical location. Alexandria holds many roman ancient sites and artifacts from the reign of Alexander the Great.


Roman Theatre of Alexandria

Roman Theater - Alexandria - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

It was discovered by workers by accident in 1960. This theatre is believed to have held gladiatorial games and chariot races.


The Library of Alexandria

Library of Alexandria - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

It was the largest library of the ancient world and it reclaimed this title after its rebirth in 2002.


Scuba Diving and Snorkling

Egypt is not only known for its ancient culture, but also known for its marine life. The Red Sea is a magnet for lovers of scuba diving and snorkeling. It is possible to practice this activity alone, if you are a trained diver or through a diving club in many cities and fisherman villages such as Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam.


Belly-dancing Courses

Belly Dancer - Cairo - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

This one was obvious! You say belly dancing, you say Egypt. It is a must do for me, along with purchasing one of those beautiful belly dancing dresses 😀


Attend a local wedding

Most Egyptian movies I watched had a wedding scene, where a huge tent is built in the neighborhood, adorned with multi-color lights and other decorations, chairs and tables are set; Afterwards the celebration starts with the bride wearing white and walking towards her chair hand in hand with her husband, with the belly-dancer and the musical group. I really want to attend one.


Food and Drinks

Woman stuffing vine leaves

There are lot of food I would love to taste, such as chicken à la Egyptian, Foul Medamis (fave beans), El Mahchi (stuffed veggies and leaves), Kushari and other delicious dishes that I drooled over when watching old Egyptian movies. There is also the tea and Sahlab (I kept hearing about them in movie as well).


For a first trip, I think that one week would be enough to visit the major landmarks and see all the wonders in my list; however, Egypt is more than that. It has many more experiences to offer. I’ll let you know later on!


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