Who hasn’t wished to be the Queen from the Egyptian inspired Michael Jackson’s music video “Remember the time”? I sure did.


Egypt had been present during my early age. I remember that Tv channels used to broadcast lot of Egyptian drama and plays. I grew up watching Adil Imam, Fatin Hammama, Yahya El Fakharani and other Egyptians actors. My favorite is Adil Imam. Also,  Egyptian music is worldwide known for its classic hits: Oum Keltoum, Farid Al Atrach,  Ismahan, to name but a few. Egypt and its cultural representation was, and still is, accessible to Moroccans to the extent that we grew very familiar with Egyptian dialect, modern history, cultural features, culinary and traditions.


I compiled this selection of must-see locations from the landmarks that I saw in movies and also from recommendations from Egyptian friends or co-citizens who had the chance to visit “the Mother of the World”, Egypt.



Capital of Egypt and one of the largest cities of the world. First thing to do upon arrival is to walk on Tahrir (Liberation) Square, the place where the 2012 protests happened, to get a glimpse of the square.


The Egyptian Museum
Tutenchamun - Egypt Museum - Cairo Egypt

My second destination would be the Museum to learn genuine information about the Egyptian history. My must see in this museum are the Mummy chamber (Hope it won’t wake up :/ ) and the famous gold-made statue of Tutenchamun.


Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

Sphinx of Giza - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

The Pyramids of Giza are one of the 7 wonders of the world. They have always been a mystery since their discovery. Some believe that Aliens are behind the construction of such wonders. Aliens! I learnt that it is possible to go inside the Pyramids, so it would be a great experience.


Al Azhar Mosque

www.visiterlafrique Al Azhar Mosque

The second oldest mosque in the Islamic world, after Al Karaouine in Fes, Morocco, and the first mosque to be established in Cairo in 972-ish.


Khan El Khalili

I love public markets, street food and the encounter with the locals, so Khan El Khalili is the place to be. It gives a real taste of the Egyptian lifestyle; Also it is known for the many offers of souvenirs and replicas of the jewelry and the statues from the ancient tombs and temples.  A break at a Chicha coffeshop, and a bite from the street carts are a must.


The Rock Church or Cave Church

Cave Church - Cairo - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

Located in “Garbage City”, in the Mokattam Hill in the southeastern Cairo. It was built by the “Garbage Collectors”, Coptic Christians, after being moved to a settlement outside of Cairo.


Boat or Feluca trip on the Nile

A sailing journey along the Nile is also a must, to enjoy the view of the two Nile banks, and to enjoy a little chitchat with boatman and why not learn a trick or two about sailing. There are some boats that offer dinners in the evening.


Muhammed Ali Great Mosque

Lighting at Muhammed Ali Mosque - Cairo - Egypt - Visiter L'Afrique

It is one of the most prominent landmarks of Cairo. It is very famous for its interior, with beautiful domes and lighting.

Whirling Dervish Event

Whirling Dervish - Cairo - Egypt - Visiter - L'Afrique

I have a growing interest in Sufi Culture. Egypt developed a performance dance inspired from the Sufi Dervish whirling with multicultural skirts called Tanoura dance. It would be amazing if I can attend a session.

Stay tuned for Egypt, the Mother of the World pt 2!



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