Have you ever had a beautiful dream that you didn’t want to wake from it? What if that dream can be a reality?!


Castle Zaman is living that dream.


Castle Zaman has no like in Egypt. It is a very unique place. It is not a hotel… yet it is not a restaurant. It is that beautiful Zen place where you go and spend an unforgettable day… dive in their infinity pool or enjoy a drink in their bar overlooking a panoramic view of the sea while enjoying the chill out music in the background.


To crown the pleasure of a day spent there, you must try their lunch… Cooked in the oven for couple of hours! The taste will savor your taste buds and the quantity is huge!!

Travel Tips:


  • You should make reservations before you go. At least one day before.
  • They apply a minimum charge. You can benefit from it and enjoy their delicious cooked meals!
  • Avoid by all means going during the official holidays in Egypt! We warned you 😉 The place is somehow small and what makes it unique that you enjoy yourself with less people and feel like the place is yours. During official holidays, many people go there and it became so crowded.


How to get there:
If you are staying in Taba or in one of the camps on the eastern seaside of Sinai (Nuweiba, Ras shitan..). It will be less than half an hour from there by car.
No public transportation is available. You can go there by your car or rent a car with driver.


what’s the average price for a lunch ? 
200 EGP to 250 EGP


Do we stay for one day only or more time? 

It is only for day use