1. The Weather

No need to check your weather app here because it’s beach perfect. Tan-tastic sunny days and cool, relaxing breezy nights means you will be feeling great whether you’re dancing or diving.

2. Ras Mohammed National Park

Spend a day at one of the world’s most famous diving spots and explore an underwater utopia brimming with life, millennia-old coral reefs, dolphins, mangroves, and white storks to name a few.

3. Quad Bike Safari’s

There’s no better way to feel alive than saddling a 30 horse-power aluminum beast and shredding the desert sands at up to 100 km per hour as you traverse skyscraping mountain ranges against the crystal blue back drop of the Red Sea.

4. Star Gazing with the Bedouins

Few things in life come close to the experience of absolute seclusion in the belly of the desert huddled around a campfire with an unspoiled view of the star-lit universe above you. Shooting stars, delicious food, amazing hospitality, and the absolute best conversation, what else could anyone possibly need?

5. Watersports

Windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving and some good ol’ summer fishing will definitely get you out of the bed in the morning.

6. Nightlife

A world-renowned nightlife scene means this is one thing you don’t need to plan; just grab a change of clothes and hit the streets. There are enough lounges and parties, including those hosted by international DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren and DJ Tiesto, to keep you occupied well into your second vacation.

7. Seafood

Finally, a beachside holiday would not be complete without a proper palette stimulating seafood meal. Egypt’s finest Chefs across nearly 40 different restaurants are ready to serve you the best, freshly prepared saltwater delicacies in the region whichever way you like it.

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