Souvenirs of a Winter vacations in the city of Timimoun, main oasis of the Gouara region, in the Algerian Sahara. Well known for its warm ochre colour constructions; Timimoun is called the “red oasis” and its architecture is considered to be Arabo-Sudanese. The population of Timimoun is mixed.


Originally, the materials used for the construction were all natural and adapted to the extreme weather conditions: clay, straw and trunk of palm trees. Algerian Arabic is the main spoken language in this region while a part of the local population speaks Zénète (Berbère language). In January, we could enjoy a nice weather, around 20 degrees during the day but you need to bring warm clothes for the cold dry nights. Having spent there a week, we could enjoy the beauty of the region, we have climbed its dunes, tasted its traditional food and drunk a lot of mint teas contemplating an amazing landscape

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