It is no secret that the Nile is the longest river in Africa, spanning over 11 countries. Different countries have developed projects along the banks of the Nile, such as the Aswan dam and other agricultural projects. Uganda uses the river as a power source, for agriculture, and also as a tourist attraction.


Jinja is an hour’s drive from Kampala, Uganda’s capital, and home to the Nile’s source (Lake Victoria and underground springs). As the river makes its way across the Uganda landscape it goes by different names to commemorate the different attractions; from the John Speke monument to Masindi Port. One thing is certain, regardless of where one meets the river, it is a sight to behold and some of our favourites spots would be ideal for the perfect getaway.


First up is Lemala Wildwaters Lodge, which is a 1.5 hours drive from Kampala, but this is just the tip of the journey. To access the lodge, you have to travel by canoe across the Nile which surrounds the private island. Dedicated to conservation, the lodge combines modernity and nature to create a unique atmosphere, perfect for those days you need to get away from everything. No traffic, no noise pollution, just you, sounds of the crashing river and sweet songs courtesy of the birds. Surrounded by natural forests, the lodge works with the natural environment to create a unique layout across the island which include thatched roofs, and private decks with baths overlooking the Nile.


Adrift organizes trips and activities in partnership with the lodge  such as white water rafting (expected nothing less from a lodge named “wildwaters”), bungee jumping and paddle boarding. Each activity designed to make you experience the best of the natural beauty surrounding you. Imagine a two-hour boat ride along the Nile to Lake Victoria and spa treatments (*hint for anyone looking for Valentine’s Day inspiration*). Just in case you need extra stamps of approval, the lodge was home to Lupita Nyong’o during while she filmed Queen of Katwe and one of the “Best Location”finalists during the 2016 Safari Awards.


Another hidden pearl is the Chobe Safari Lodge, located in the Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison Falls was named in 1864 after Sir Roderick Murchison, president of Britain’s Royal Geographical Society. It is the most northern tip of the Western Rift Valley and has welcomed many visitors such as Sir Winston Churchill and President Theodore Roosevelt, and was the backdrop for the film “The African Queen” in 1951. The national park is one of Uganda’s largest protected areas and national parks.


The lodge is part of a chain of luxury hotels found across Africa. No doubt, the lodge has appeared on multiple top ten lists such as CNN’s “Gyms with the most Amazing views”. On the shores of the Nile, the lodge oozes luxury and class. A 3.5 hours drive from Kampala, the lodge is described as one of the best locations in Kamdini. The entire lodge offers you a panoramic views of the Nile and it’s no surprise that it’s a popular destination for weddings. The lodge has different types of rooms to cater to your specific adventure. In addition, they offer safaris and nature walks around the national park.


Both locations each have there own features which make them spectacular, and breathtaking, earning them the title of “Uganda‘s crowning jewels”. They would be perfect for a day trip or romantic getaway.