If you could travel to anywhere in the world, right away, right now, where would you go? As far as I am concerned, I would definitely be wearing my favorite swimming suit, rocking my natural hair and taking a walk in a wild beach in Tanzania. Here’s why!


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The weather


December is the last month of the short rainy season, meaning it is warm and about to get dry soon. According to the weather forecast, temperatures should reach 31°C (compared to 7°C where I am now). However, this weather pattern might differ from one region to another.


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What I’d like to do


One of my biggest dreams is to go on a Safari and to see Mother Nature up close. Tanzania has many natural parks and conservation areas that offer a raw taste of nature such as Serengeti National Park, which is Tanzania’s second largest park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Arusha National Parks and many more.


Hiking at Kilimanjaro National Park


Aside from the rich fauna and flora, this park includes Africa’s highest mountains: Mount Kilimanjaro (~5891m), which has been on my bucket-list for a couple of year now, and two other mounts (Shira and Mawenzi, 3962m and 5149m respectively).


Ngorongoro Conservation Area


I’d like meet with the Maasai people and learn more about their culture and traditions.

Maasai Women - Tanzania - Visiter L'Afrique


Gombe Stream National Park


Famous for more than five species of monkeys, it would be interesting to get to experience their natural habitat up close.


Lake Victoria


This is to honor the child in me. When I was younger, I wondered where the water in the Nile came from. After some research, I discovered the White Nile and the Blue Nile are the Nile’s major tributaries. The Blue Nile flows south Lake Tana in Ethiopia and the While Nile’s main source is Lake Victoria which is shared by multiple countries. I promised myself to visit it one day.


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Zanzibar Archipelago


This earthly paradise would be my final destination. After visiting the main island of Zanzibar ( Sultan’s Palace, Zanzibar Fort and Cheetah’s Rock and others) I’d purposely search for the most isolated island to chill, sunbath, relax and meditate.


I do have Changuu Island in mind to see Aldabra giant tortoises. If luck is on my side, I might witness the hatching of tiny young tortoises.