Anse Bonnet Carré (Island: Mahé)

Many visitors to La Digue walk or cycle to the famous Anse Source d’Argent, but few take the trouble to explore further along the coastline.
Anse Bonnet Carré’s reward for those that do; a beach that can only be accessed by foot and so, is often deserted. It has the same white sand as its famous neighbour, with fewer rocks and the same shallow warm waters, more suitable for a relaxing wallow than an energetic swim.

Directions :
No trail is available, unless clients try to find their own way by climbing over rocks or through bushes. It can also be done by walking in the water when it is low tide.

Anse à la Mouche (Island: Mahé)

Situated on the south-western coast of Mahé, Anse à la Mouche is a large, sparkling calm bay with shallow clear waters. Swimming here is very safe and suitable for children as the water remains shallow even at high tide, with no strong currents.

The Islander Restaurant is situated just across the road from the beach.

Directions :

Located in Anse à la Mouche. From the international airport, turn left and travel south on the main road until you get to the Anse Royale petrol station. Continue until you see the green road signs for Les Canelles. Turn right into Les Canelles road continuing over the hill and down the other side to the junction. Turn left at the junction and the beachfront is before you. Total travelling time is approximately 25 minutes.

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Anse Cocos (Island: La Digue)

This pretty bay on the eastern coast of La Digue is only accessible by foot, either by taking a path from Grand Anse or in the other direction from Anse Fourmis. Because of its more sheltered aspect, this beach, unlike its neighbouring bays of Grand and Petit Anse, is safe for swimmers, but there are still some strong currents, so care does need to be taken.

Directions :

From the jetty at La Passe, turn right and follow the main road until you reach the junction opposite the school. Turn left and you will pass Zerof restaurant on your left. Further ahead turn right and follow the road until you reach Grand Anse beach. From the beach follow the footpath to the left and it will lead to Petit Anse then Anse Cocos.

Anse Forbans (Island: Mahé)

Perhaps, in the age of the corsairs, pirates did indeed visit this beautiful beach on the south-eastern coast of Mahé. Nowadays, Anse Forbans is popular with visitors from nearby hotels along the shoreline. For the most part the beach is considered safe for swimming except for the southern part that leads to Anse Marie Louise (past Anse Forbans Chalets).

Directions :

From the international airport, turn left and travel south on the main road via Anse Royale to Anse Forbans. You’ll pass the petrol station at Anse Royale and should continue down this road. Travelling time is approximately 30 minutes.

Anse La Farine (Island: Praslin Island)

Perhaps so named because the sands here are so powder soft they resemble flour. This small pretty beach is unfortunately not accessible by road but can be reached by boat.

Directions :

Can only be accessed by boat.

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