Rwanda is full of wonderful things to experience and its cuisine is certainly one of them. Whether you’re staying in a town or a village, you’ll have an amazing selection of traditional dishes to sample during your trip!




Beans are a staple food in Rwanda, with nearly 90% of the population eating them every day in their towns and villages. It’s cooked in a myriad of ways: with potatoes, bananas, cassava, or by itself. Beans also happen to be very vitamin rich!




These tiny fish from Lake Kivu are popular in Rwanda and the DRC.  Isambaza is served in various restaurants especially in the western province where this lake is located and even in the Biryogo suburb of Kigali.


Goat skewers


Rwandans make the best grilledgoat skewers. You can find Mucoma, professional grillers in every bar and hotel in Rwanda. You might have to wait a while to dig in, they take about 30 to 45 minutes to cook.


Banana and peas


Urunyogwe! This mixture of bananas and peas is a very appetizing meal. Our country is very adept at banana cultivation. You will find this dish in every restaurants.




Akabenz is another finger licking treat! This pork dish is a popular Rwandan fare found in local bars and hotels, and any hot spot.


Sweet potatoes or Cassava with milk


The land of milk! Rwandans are known cow herders. Milk (Inshyusshyu or Ikivuguto) is everywhere, be it in homes or shops. There are very popular houses that sell milk and the usual side dishes like sweet potatoes, manioc, doughnuts and cake.




This popular Rwandan vegetable dish will delight your taste buds: cassava leaves, aubergine, pepper, courgette served with ubugari (cassava fufu) or with rice.




Musokoro is oven roasted meat that’s very popular in bars. It goes with French fries, Kawunga (corn couscous with beans) or plantains.


Rwandan French fries


Rwandan fries are the best in Africa 🙂 Rwandans love fries, which makes sense since the country is a big potato producer. You can find fries in any restaurant, bar and hotel. We eat them during holidays and even in street food restaurants in working-class neighborhoods.




The country is located in a region with large lakes and rivers. There’s plenty of fresh fish to cook in so many delicious ways.




This article is part of a series dedicated to Rwanda, in partnership with ONOMO HOTEL, Journal RW, Rwanda Development Board and Fly Rwandair.