We love our traveling community here at Visiter l’Afrique and love introducing you all to each other even more! Meet Sheila as she settles into Kigali!



So tell us a bit about yourself.


My name is Sheila Ingabire Isaro, Well I’m raised in Canada, specifically the ‘‘6’’, Toronto. But I was born in Africa. I’m fresh out of Theatre school and decided a year later to head back to my country and do some work there and also get in touch with my culture, my people, and hopefully connect with members of the art scene. So far I’ve succeeded in all, which I’m very proud of, but there’s so much room for more learning.


Where are you now and how long have you been there?


I’m currently living in Kigali, Rwanda. I’ve been here since the end of July 2017.


Where can you go in Kigali for some great buys?


I have not gone shopping in the city, but I have scene a nice little boutique that makes it’s own clothing and jewelry in the Nyarutarama neighbourhood called Haute Baso.

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Cool places to grab a bite? 


1) There are a lot of brochettes (kebab) in Rwanda it’s a specialty for sure.  The best place so far for beef brochettes is in Kigali Heights at a place called Riders. It’s like a sports bar. The best place for chicken brochette is a place called Chez Lando in the Remera neighbourhood.


2) The best-fried chicken:  a place called Mr. Chips ride across the MTN building in Nyarutarama. Also it’s fairly cheap


3) Best burger: A place called 4 Bloom. Already the design is very rustic and it feels like being at camp. Everything is built on a wooden deck and the surroundings are wooden benches and tables it’s very different from anywhere else in the city.


4) Favorite Ice cream: Has to be in Kigali Heights (Big office/shopping mall building) it’s a gelato spot (forgot the name)


5) Best coffee:  would have to be Brioche. I’m a huge fan of the design and the calm ambiance you get when in that particular establishment


6) Best Indian: Khana Kazan, taste like the Indian food in Toronto but with much larger servings. Can I just say this place has THE BEST SERVICE. It is unfortunately not that common over here,  for good timely service. Maybe they’re missing a ‘Best of ‘type of website that pressures all establishment to be at their best. Even then the service industry is also very young here so slowly, very slowly are people learning.

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Chill spots for after work drinks? 


I never get after work drinks, so I’m not a good person to ask. But I must say that Pili Pili has the best variations of drinks with killer scenery at night.


What’s the nightlife like in Kigali?


The nightlife in Kigali is pretty good. I would say what it lacks in design it wins in music, dj’s and an overall festive vibe rather than people standing around. (cough cough Toronto nightlife)

The best places really depend on who you’re with actually. But so far I’ve been to:


1) Envy Underneath, the popular Wednesday night crowd pleaser bar called Papyrus.


2) Coco Bean is a popular summer spot. I must say it is crowded with under 20’s.


3) Bougainvilla is also a nice place, it has an amazing view of the city mixed with a nice lounge area.


Why do you travel and how do you get to do it?


I travel because it’s always been a dream of mine. And I get to do it because I get family members along the way that give me a helping hand.


What other african countries have you been to so far and what’s your next destination?


I have visited Kenya, Mombasa for a weekend it was great. My next destination will be California.

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