On the border between Rwanda and Tanzania, are the majestic falls of Rusumo. Rusumo Falls are the largest in Rwanda, and currently, serve Rwanda in a variety of ways. The Falls are used for hydroelectricity, but, the falls also serve as a major tourist attraction in the Eastern region.

Although the Falls are gorgeous, they had a dark past.  During colonial times, the Belge used the bridge to hide ammunition, when they were trying to overthrow Germany for Rwanda. Also during the Rwandan genocide, it was common to see bodies floating as refugees were killed trying to cross over into Tanzania. For many, the journey across the bridge was one of hope and pain. Tourism today does not try to erase this past, instead, the Falls have been turned into a memorial park, where you can learn about the Falls’ history.




Once at the Falls, you can choose to drive from the Rwandan side to the Tanzanian border or simply walk the bridge, both offer spectacular views on either side. In most cases, a trip to the Falls is part of a round trip around the Eastern region. The most popular combination is a trip to Akagera National Park and the Falls.

Accessibility to the bridge was stopped during the construction of the hydropower station, it was reopened to the public in 2015. However, during construction, it was a popular route for truck drivers with large cargo truck between the two borders. If you do not mind the occasional truck, it is definitely worth the view.