It is no surprise that honeymoon destinations across Africa are becoming increasingly popular, and Rwanda is among the top countries of the list. Touring the land of a thousand hills, it is evident why Rwanda is a popular romantic getaway. Keep reading to see how you and your loved one can fall in love in Rwanda all over again.

Offering views from every point in the country, our list of romantic getaways starts with the Bisate Lodge. Located near the Volcanoes National Park, Bisate Lodge is straight out of a movie scene. Built along the slopes of Bisoke and Karisimbi volcanoes, it combines the natural foliage covering and dome shapes structures to create an intimate atmosphere for its guests.  Designed to be an eco-friendly structure, the lodge only has six villas as not to disrupt the natural environment. In fact, Bisate Lodge was developed to promote sustainable tourism and promote conservation in this region of Rwanda. So why would you and your loved one want to visit? The luxury lodge has many activities that are guaranteed to bring any two people closer. From spa treatments to hikes trying to spot mountain gorillas, it is easy to find a romantic moment in everything.

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Up next, is One & Only Nyungwe House. Just like the name suggests, it is unique and unlike any other. Surrounded by acres and acres of tea fields and a rainforest, Nyungwe House offers a luxurious experience for any type of getaway.  The rainforest is home to over 13 different species including the owl faced monkey. The best times to visit to get the most out of your stay would be June to September (the dry season) when you can fully explore the surroundings of the hotel, such as the tea plantations, hikes to the depths of the rainforest (rumour has it there is a waterfall) and enjoy the pool. The hotel is popular, and can be booked out for months at a time, be sure to plan early if you intend to visit.




And finally, as much as staying in a hotel is a great way for you to bond, some challenging activities would make love stronger. *Cue the eye of the tiger*. The twin lakes at the northern part of Rwanda, lakes Burera and Ruhondo. The lakes are separated by a 1 km strip of land and surrounded by lush hills and mountains from every corner. The water is deep blue and a breathtaking sight, perfect for the camping experience. Activities such as fishing and canoeing are a regular occurrence at the lakes and ideal for the “roughing it” experience. Sleep in tents, gazing at the stars and listening for the mountain gorillas not too far off in the distance. Perfect to kick off the adventure of a lifetime between you and your loved one.