Since I am still focusing on Northern Kenya and ecotourism it is only right to applaud the Kenyan government and the Ministry of Tourism for this past weeks action in fight against ivory trade #worthmorealive. A picture truly is worth more than a thousand words and in the words on His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, “Ivory means nothing to us unless they are on elephants”.


This powerful statement clearly communicates that Kenya means business however like most things unless there is a spectacle of an event we tend to sweep issues under the rag until it is too late. Kenya like many other African countries is being robbed off its natural and wild beauty. These Savannah giants among them rhinoceros, leopard, cheetah and lions for skin, form part of the beauty of the African landscape to kill and poach these precious animals is to rob Africa and Kenya of her identity. ecotourism kenya (1)


As an outsider and as an African I urge you to make it a mission for yourself to get acquainted with the various ecotourism initiatives within this beautiful region of Kenya as well as other parts of the country, tourism is not just about the glitz and glam, tourism can mean something, it can mean educating ourselves about wildlife poaching and what we can do to help, the time is now. ecotourism kenya (1)


Let us not sit while these criminals empty our forests and rob Africa of its most iconic species to get involved with the fight against and in support of local organisations hard at work against this vicious acts you can check out all these websites and make a booking all year round at standard rates.


The Ole Pejeta Conservancy:– You can adopt your own chimpanzee, white or black rhino….so cool! Various activities and must sees you will actually be spoilt for choice. The conservancy offers tented camps and lodges as well as cottages. This is a great opportunity for family bonding as well as study and adventure

For tourism enquiries : [email protected]/ M: + 254 (0) 735 801101


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy:– The most famous conservancy in this region by far thanks to the Royal British family. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Office Tel: +254-64 3131405 or +254-722-203562/3 or E: [email protected]

Websites: and


Soisan Game Ranch:– Website: Emails: [email protected] / and [email protected]

Loisaba Conservancy:- Tel: + 254 (0) 705202375 or +254 (0) 71 600 0572 Email: [email protected] …really the list is endless this region is rich in tourism and tourist activities what the hell are you waiting for? kenya