In recent years I happened to somehow…somewhere picked up a taste and appreciation for a good cup of tea like never before, black tea, white tea, green tea heck any colour of tea you name it I have either tasted it or probably about to taste it. Perhaps it was the moving away from home that triggered my tea taste buds that made me feel nostalgic about those ever full jugs of masala chai tea with Swahili donuts locally known as Maandazi or Mahamri, while living abroad I would find myself looking for the best tea merchants around hoping all fingers crossed that they had some Kenyan tea on the shelf.


Kenya is well known globally for four main things, long distance runners, the Maasai, Barack Obama and TEA, it is actually world’s third-largest producer of tea which is pretty epic. Kenyan tea comprises of different varieties with different types of black tea blends being the most popular. Quick facts about Kenyan tea the assamica is the varietal used and it produces a beautiful red color in the cup as opposed to a golden colour. Tea is the #1 foreign exchange for Kenya, tea leaves have more caffeine than coffee beans before brewing, there are more than 550,000 tea farmers in Kenya and best paid tea farmers in the world are Kenyan. kenyan tea (2)

Well there you have it by now you get that tea is a pretty big deal on these parts, tea tours yes just like world famous wine route tours are a major across the picturesque highlands of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, fields of tea shimmer in shades of emerald, lime and moss under the equatorial sky. Each tea carries grassy, plummy aromas, and its steeped liquor, has earthy flavors and undertones of berry sweetness. The romance and the rich history of these tea plantations with the huge mansions turned into heritage hotels can be best enjoyed with a tea tour. kenyan tea (4)

I would urge you to take a drive to the edges of the Great Rift and experience lush and spectacular tea estate in the outskirts of Nairobi, in the lush Limuru Highlands. Kiambethu tea estate is also the most famous tea estate in the country and it is only an hours or so drive from the city. You will get to experience the rural areas of Kenya, Kiambethu tea farm offers guided tours where you can learn every single detail there is to know about tea farming and brewing as well as the colonial history of the land through tea farming as a major cash crop. A unique and memorable trip you will also experience life on a working tea farm, enjoy a delicious home-cooked lunch and be hosted by Fiona Vernon. Prices are standard and you can book starting at $120. kenyan tea

If you are feeling more adventurous you can drive further into Rift Valley to the plantation county of  Kericho where  the green carpet rolls on forever! Here you can book yourself into a local hotel and do bike hikes, tea farm hikes, you can also visit local tea factories and get to witness how commercial tea is brewed and packaged. Additionally, Kenya Plantations Tours, offers Tour to Kenya Plantation packages, the tour itineraries are flexible and can be customized according to your interests. kenyan tea (3)

I have done tea tours countless times and it’s safe to say #teaTuesday is taken to a whole new level in Kericho county.

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