Chances are that if you are an avid or in this case occasional reader of the Economist, Forbes or Time magazines…yes that cliché, there is always some list of billionaires urging us commoners to travel as much as we can especially if you are under 30. This brings me to my next topic of travel interests, still on hashtags and movements for a while now operation #tembeaKenya and #twendeUshago have been all over the social media sphere where local tourism enthusiasts get to share their stories and adventures from trekking through the countryside to wining and dining in the big towns.

Tembea means to walk in swahili, twende means going or go and ushago is what the locals call the rural countryside in Kenya. The message is pretty simple; go everywhere, see everything, meet everyone travel, travel, travel and while at it do it gracefully with enjoyment and appreciation, the point is to experience Kenya like you would if you took that dream vacation to Florence, or Lausanne or Modena or some other far away destination with some very hard name to pronounce. Kenya (5)

Yes go fishing, hill climbing, jet skiing and sky diving all locally. For every Kenyan, East African and internationals reading this I urge you to join the movement, to begin with you can visit and scroll through to see what is happening across different circuits of the country. Kenya (3)

To my surprise I thought I had done it all but truth be told I have barely done or seen half of what the country has to offer, from genuinely fun activities, site seeing, culinary journeys through all the circuits the list of what to do is endless and I love it, additionally there are seasonal offers whether it is a quick weekend getaway with friends, local honeymoon, a trip with the family or just young and having fun pretending to pro backpackers or the ultimate hiker the offers are good and the rates are affordable. Kenya (2)

Domestic airlines have jumped on this bandwagon offering the best domestic prices and rates so if you are a Kenyan national yes you within the diaspora (next time you visit) and you the local city dweller no excuse. Kenya (4)

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