Meet Farhana Oberson who is changing our approach towards tourism. Based in Kenya, Farhana uses her YouTube channel and her Instagram, to share positive travel content from her various local and international destinations. Since the birth of her YouTube channel, Farhana has over 40,000 subscribers, aka ” The Rafiki Squad”; and won the 2017 Youtube Channel OLX Soma Award.


Tell us a bit about yourself


I am a Kenyan Content Creator making YouTube travel videos that aim at promoting happiness, positivity and showcasing our beautiful country of Kenya and beyond. I have a strong passion for travel and aim to be a part of those who strive to revive the tourism industry in Kenya. By breaking barriers between different cultures that Kenya withholds, as well as creating cohesion within our diverse populated country, our tourism will not only thrive to outsiders, but to locals as well.


Why do you travel and how do you get to do it?


I travel to discover new places, food and culture. There is a big world out there with so many interesting people beyond our comfort zones. I get to travel with my family on holidays, hotel invites, county governments too.


How do you pick your travel destinations?


I don’t have specific criteria for picking my destinations. I simply let opportunity take me wherever I can go.


What would be your top 3 coolest places to grab a bite?


Tamarind Restaurant for some delicious Sea Food, Hashmi BBQ for some spicy grilled meats, Mama Rocks for some burgers with an African twist.


What have been your most memorable travel experiences?


My first most incredible experience was skydiving in Diani, Kenya. I have never done anything more thrilling in my life. The adrenaline rush felt in skydiving is one that is indescribable. I felt like a new human landing back on earth after the jump. The views are amazing, the jump is a whole mix of emotions and damn the clouds are cold.


In January of 2018, I got the opportunity to be one of 8 influencers that were flown to Ethiopia to bring the official FIFA World Cup to Kenya. we flew in the official plane which was incredible! seats were so comfortable, the plane had a mini football room which the called the press room. Upon arrival to Kenya, we were welcomed by dancers, ministers, and many govt officials which made us feel very important. Being a small part of the FIFA World cup was something I will never forget.


Another memorable experience was one time when I was in Amboseli with my family for a safari, we had a pretty crazy driver with us, and we spotted a huge heard of elephants of which our driver felt it was okay to go pretty close to them, We drove up to 3 meters away and the elephants started getting agitated, and in a matter of seconds, they started chasing us, our driver had to sprint drive out of their way, it was very scary. A near death experience I must say, though we do laugh about it now.



Where do you plan to travel to next? Do you have a dream destination in Africa?


I am currently in Istanbul, Turkey. This place is so beautiful. The architecture, and culture here is very fascinating. My dream destinations in Africa are Morocco and South Africa.


Tell us about your YouTube channel and the #RafikiSquad


I started my career on YouTube in January 2017. Before that, I was uploading videos merely twice a year just as a hobby. I have always enjoyed traveling and so I made videos to show my family home. Until my interest started to grow and decided to do it full-time. I enjoy meeting new people, interacting with different cultures and societies. Travelling is one of the best modes of education. After I started my YouTube channel and began to encounter rapid growth in the number of subscription, I thought of a name to call my followers. I had always disliked the word ‘fan’ and so since I love making new friends and I come from Kenya, I decided to call my followers ‘Rafiki Squad’ which are my squad of friends.



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