Okay so remember those stunning images of Nina and Sebastian’s wedding shot in Maasai Mara by Jonas Peterson that went viral? Or when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy? Or when Karen Blixen said she knew a song of Africa while in Africa?

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Well just this past Easter, the Duke of Cambridge was back in Kenya to attend a friends wedding at the same location, additionally some 64 years prior Queen Elizabeth II was at the same location with Prince Phillip when she found out she was to be queen…ok why am I telling you this…well there seems to be some type of romanticism associated with ecology and tourism.

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Perhaps it is the nature, the green space, the wildlife, away from the cities and bright lights, or maybe it is the dreamy place with the abundance of wow factor, Northern Kenya is a scenic piece of landscape that is sooo breathtaking it is actually one of the most ideal place for a destination wedding, honeymoon, getaway or just good old fashion adventure trip.

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In this series I share with you the beauty of sustainable tourism in Kenya, I start with the Laikipia Plateau in north-central Kenya this region of country is keen on wildlife and ecosystem conservation as well as enriching those within its community. Laikipia is thriving with world class hospitality, exclusivity, authentic cultural experiences and numerous activities that I will write about throughout this series as I introduce you to the array of villas that are taking Ecotourism to the next level in Kenya.