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Here is a fun fact about Nairobi, you probably did not know that it is the only city in the world that is home to a fully functioning national park located approximately seven kilometers from the central business district.

By now you probably took my advice while on business in Nairobi that you decided to come back with family to explore more of this beautiful city, Welcome! In my last article I wrote about how a quick 3-5 day trip to Nairobi does not have to be boring and lonely. In this article I am assuming you chose Kenya as your holiday destination which is awesome because starting off with Nairobi there is a lot to explore.

Nairobi’s wild and historical side is massive and exciting listed below is some of the enjoyable major activities that you should not pass while visiting the city with family.


  1. Historical home of Karen Blixen; this museum details the history and life of the author herself something which you can enjoy with your family. The ‘Out of Africa’ author’s home is a perfect example of how the city has managed to preserve its sense of the past.
  2. Nairobi National Park; Modern Nairobi is the safari capital of Africa, a frontier town no more Nairobi merges perfectly with the vast National park which is home to large herds of Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Cheetah and Lions. The national park is located 20 minutes out of the city center and various safari tours are at your disposal in every corner of the city.
  3. Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary; this is pretty much the best place to visit if you want to enlighten your children on compassion, human courtesy, the value of sustaining life other than their own…and all round create awareness. This popular site is loved because of the interesting story behind its existence and the noble course that is carried out for the elephants that are rehabilitated there. Besides who wouldn’t want to experience feeding the mighty elephant through a milk bottle.
  4. Giraffe Centre; I promise you shall not be disappointed, book a breakfast and enjoy with the Rothschild giraffe as they squeeze their necks through the French design windows. This centre was set up as a breeding ground for these endangered giraffe which wander freely through the lush gardens.
  5. While visiting the national park take a peek at the rock shelters and overhangs which were used in the past by ndorobo hunter-gatherers and maasai pastoralists…some of these paintings are up to 100 yrs old, here you can learn about ancient cultural practices that still take place to date in some of notable Kenyan tribes.

Five major activities that I think are a staple while in Nairobi with family but don’t get me wrong I am just warming up, on my next article I will step away from our most commercial city to Mombasa our most vacationed city both locally and internationally.
I will write about the newest development in Mombasa from a personal experience recently so be ready to take notes!



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