Kenya for commercial travelers, mixing Business and Pleasure.
Chances are that if you are a global commercial employee at a multinational, international government or non government organization, global tech company that you will at some point find yourself landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport which is the main commercial airport in Nairobi.

Traditionally, business trips last 3-5 days and many of these travelers are first timers, if you are lucky you can squeeze in leisure and pleasure activities while attending to business.

Nairobi being the most desirable city in Kenya has a lot to offer for “in and out” business travelers. In between your conference and meetings if you are a traveler seeking an authentic out of Africa luxury experience you are lucky especially since in the last few years Nairobi has transformed itself with brand new chic urban culture.

Home away from home coffee shop experience is present in Nairobi, on any given day various coffee shop houses are fully packed with tourists, expats and locals, therefore getting your cappuccino fix should not be a problem just ask your uber driver to drop you at Java house. And yes we do have uber services in Nairobi…this should not come as a surprise, as some of the world’s best coffee is grown right here in Kenya.


Even though at some point the bulk of the coffee was solely produced for export, this has since changed since we as Kenyans enjoy high quality coffee. The city has a number of treasured coffee shops, Java house, Dormans, Artcaffe just to name a few where you can also enjoy free wifi, great menu of freshly baked pastries/bread and prepared sandwiches.

To complete this indulge in an evening of luxury while business traveling within Nairobi at the best hotels and restaurants offering world class service and serving the best global delicacies. Some of the most popular hotels include Villa Rosa Kempinski, Hemingsway Nairobi, Dusit hotel, Sankara, Ole Sereni and the Tribe.

These hotels offer refined warm rooms and suites complete with a spa, a cigar lounge and dining options. At Ole Sereni for example, you can enjoy a steak dinner while watching the sunset across Nairobi’s Savannah if you are lucky the African wild sometimes get attracted by the music and urban activities that you might spot an antelope or gazelle while enjoying your food.


Moreover, should you want a taste of Africa and Kenya added to your palate renowned restaurants such as La Palanka, Talisman, Amaica offer a great deal of authentic African cuisine. These restaurants blend fine dining with unbridled eclecticism; serving up delightful fusion of traditional and innovative intercontinental cuisine. A new culinary adventure starts here…you will be delighted to discover new tastes and flavors of Kenya which combine to give you a truly unique dining experience. An exciting concept casting a new light on Afro cuisine.

In addition don’t be surprised on your last day of wrapping up your business trip you find yourself wanting to shop. You can take a piece of high end fashion and gifts complete with a made in Kenya feel back home to your loved ones. A number of local boutiques are at your disposal Annabelle Thom handbags are perfect to gift yourself or your loved one, Trzebinski and Penny Winter create amazing clothes complete with hand beading by local Maasai women. Kiko Romeo which simply translate to Adam’s Apple in Kiswahili is also another apparel powerhouse located at the Yaya shopping centre offers contemporary Kenyan and African inspired fashion that have also been seen on A list red carpet events.


So there you have it, 3-5 days might not seem like much to catch a glimpse of any destination while attending to business and work, however this must not be the case while in Nairobi, it is possible to wrap up a day of meetings and enjoy some of the mentioned activities that also happen to be in close proximity with each other. Therefor I urge you on your next work visit to Nairobi do not spend it locked up in your hotel room, step outside and quickly explore.


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