Trying to get the hang of travel writing…

In between running a small side business, post grad studies, work, clubbing, socializing among other things so far, life landed me to visiterlafrique page while doing one of my numerous rounds on Instagram every other hour so here I am no clue or training in writing let alone travel writing; but regardless I am for the idea of visiterlafrique wanting to change the world’s perspective on Africa and her countries, to shine bright her light as a continent and home to one billion people plus and a force to be reckon with. After all Africa is the future right?

visiter_lafrique_kenya_yolanda1_1280pxBeing Kenyan having been born and raised I understand the country and the way of living the treasures and jewels of this country that most backpacker’s do not get to explore, throughout your journey with me I am going to share with you stories and adventures about Kenya that those commercial brochures and travel guides at airport souvenir shops do not get to tell you about.visiter_lafrique_kenya_yolanda1_1000px.jpgKenya is not just about the Maasai culture/people and the big five, Kenya is so much more…Kenya is magical is every definition to the word. Therefore join me in my struggle to find my inner writer as I share with you this magic, through its forty plus million people, the fast paced culture, the food, the music, the hidden gems, the history, the wildlife, the urban life and above all the natural beauty of this great East African nation.




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