Its fashion week all over the world, and the fashion scene in Africa is no exception. The kick-off event of Kenya’s fashion calendar happened in the past weekend, the annual Zen Garden’s Fashion High Tea. Held every February, this year marked the 9th edition of the event. The event aims to combine fashion, socializing and a good cause.



The event is high profile and brings together the who’s who in Kenyan fashion and celebrity scene. It is a great way to highlight Haute Couture milieu in Kenya but also Africa on a wider scope. The event screams luxury and sophistication. It is always the most elegant gathering, with impressive decor and striking outfits. This year was no different, the attendees dressed to the nines and it was evident that a large number were sporting local designers. This is no surprise with the rise of “Made in Kenya” gaining momentum, in hopes to better support locally made items. At the event, attendees are able to buy items from the different stands present and enjoy the drinks and food, before the main event… The fashion show.


The fashion show is a great platform for local and other designers from the continent to showcase their designs. From clothes, accessories and even kitchenware and tech accessories, the talent is a force to be reckoned with. Some of the designers to grace the catwalk include Michael Soi;  his creations are gorgeous and can be spotted from kilometres away, and Kipato Unbranded; taking the jewellery world by storm. Some luxury brands include odAOMO, WazaWazi and




Every year the proceeds from the event are donated to a charity; this year’s proceeds went towards “The Nest“, a rescue and rehabilitation home for children whose mothers are imprisoned. A holistic event set out to provide an environment to socialize and promote conversations about fashion on the continent as well as gathering for a good cause.