Think clean, quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Think luxury, culture and warm people. Watamu presents you with a holiday destination of rest and relaxation. Not convinced yet, here’s 7 reasons that might:


1. Fantastic Swahili Architecture
Because the Alhamra house has classic Arab Swahili carved doors, arched hallways and entry ways, large balconies overlooking the home. Get ready to cue the song ‘A whole new world’ by Luther Vandross in your head . Be sure to take it all in and just to be safe, mental pictures to last you a life time. Calling all architecture & interior design fanatics!


2. Private beaches
The beaches are mostly private in Watamu. The menace that is “beach boys” is a foreign word and that means better security when you go into the water. The only locals visible on the beach are the ones selling their handiwork.


3. Snorkeling at the Watamu Marine Park
Hop on to a speed-boat with a group of locals, get your snorkeling gear and discover the underwater life. If you’re an early bird, get up early to catch the dolphins. I appreciate the fact that our guides didn’t hurry us to finish up in an hour. So we were in the water for say about 3 hours, great chance to soak in some sun. Halleluiah! That’s great value for your money.


4. Pool time, all day everyday
Greatly designed pools are one of the features each holiday home has in Watamu. At the Alhamra house and the Medina palms resort, infinity pools are common. With the humidity and great sunny weather the pool is where you find yourself.


5. Great henna artwork
Because the Swahili lady on the beach looked great with her henna on her. So impulsive behavior crept in and everyone in the squad got some ink. It’s a true immersion into the Swahili culture. So what’s left is the swahili accent and a deera and your immersed.


6. Take in the sunrises and sunsets
Chill in one of the daybeds setup by the locals. Then listen to them tell each other the stories of the day. One about how one of their friends got a whole barrel of oil float to the shore and how he is now walking around town like the King of the land. Or the story of how the guy selling the carvings and khanga’s is all the way from the Eastern province of Kenya and has relocated to Watamu with no regrets. Watch some homeless locals fish in the sea with only a string and strips of flesh hooked as bait. Finally, watch the sun go down or rise from the horizon and thank God for such beauty.

7. Cart wheels on the beach

Because we suppress our inner childhood during our 9-5 work days, no limits while visiting Watamu. So run, do cart wheels and reminisce of how old you are because you cannot do a cart wheel like you used to.


Until next time, for more adventures.