Mbolo ! Since May 7th, if you are a national of a country of ECCAS, the Economic Community of Central African States, you are free to travel to Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo , Equatorial Guinea, Chad and Gabon. Today, we are embarking on a journey to the African Amazon to explore together the top 10 things to do and discover in Gabon.


Pointe Denis


Make an idyllic retreat at Saint Denis island barely 10 minutes from the capital Libreville. Program: lazing on the beach, crystal clear water, grills, jet skis facing the jungle. With a little luck you can watch the leatherback turtles nesting (November to March). The island is located near the Pongara national park.



Lopé National Park


Have you always dreamed of seeing an elephant ? Friends of mammals, you will be delighted. The park holds the African record of elephants per square kilometer : 3 ! Gorillas and chimpanzees are also present. Lope was classified in 2007 as a World Heritage site by UNESCO


Léconi Falls


When leaving Franceville, make a stop to admire the wonderful Léconi falls, over 50 meters high and the Djoumou Falls as well.



Batéké Plateaus


The Batéké plateaus are located at the Gabon/Congo border. They now house the Batéké plateau National Park. A succession of hills, dunes, rivers and canyons for your viewing pleasure.



Cap Caravane


The holiday resort of choice in the outskirts of Libreville, fishing excursions and exploring the mangrove.




This is the region of rivers and lakes and a paradise for birds : Ogooue , Livindo, Azingo etc … The town of Lambarene houses two hotels where you can stay, namely the OGOOUE – PALACE hotel with its mini zoo and SCHWEITZER Hotel, certainly one of the oldest hotels in the city.


CAUTION: Do not leave without visiting the doctor Schweitzer museum. From Lambarene, take a trip to the Ngomo Mission Historic Site.


Mayumba National Park


This time we are talking about marine wildlife : whale and dolphin watching. From June to October, whales offer a beautiful show with incredible stunts out of the water.





Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to be in Sette Cama, a small village. If you have a little luck , by starting your excursion on the lagoon, you might see the head of a hippo out of the water and maybe even luckier see an elephant.



Cap Lopez in Port Gentil


Slave trade hotspot, Cape Lopez was one of the largest slave markets. A big leap in history …



Akouango Village


After a day of tours and excursions, enjoy some grilled fish and enjoy your vacation…



Photo crédits: jbdodane, Ralf Kayser, Carlos Reis