Being a photographer, I had the opportunity to be contacted by newlyweds to take their wedding pictures on Port-Gentil.


That was the first time I went there and just when I arrived, I was automatically seduced by the city. The port, the heat that it gives off, the beautiful beaches and the architectural framework of this small city of about 150,000 inhabitants immediately attracted me because, unlike its neighbor Libreville, Port-Gentil is very well build.

Over there, all roads lead to Rome.

When the marriage ended, I took two or three days to visit the city and take some photos. You will tell me two or three days are not enough! But I can assure you that it was enough to capture good images of the city and make them positive.


Being an almost island, Port-Gentil is surrounded by water. People live there mostly of oil, timber, and fisheries. Numerous boats mark the city and often on Sundays, Port-Gentillais enjoy the sun and its beautiful beaches for relaxing, fishing and sailing. The most frequented beaches are those of Sogara and Cape Lopez.

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It also includes a multitude of cultures (Western, West African, etc.) because of the raw materials.


Moreover, the coast between Port-Gentil and the Congolese border has many lagoons rich in natural animal reserve: Wonga-Wongué, Iguéla, Sette-Cama, etc., where you can stay and watch the wildlife and flora of these regions.



Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to fully explore the city, but I hope I will have the opportunity to go back there and enjoy the friendly atmosphere it has.

And for those who have not yet set foot, I urge you during your next vacation to go there, and you will see, you won’t be disappointed!