Since birth, we’ve all been taught that women could be as strong as men, though on the surface we may appear like very fragile creature. We complain a lot, we whine, talk about anything and everything but at the end of the day we get things done. We do our job without being asked and we like to get things accomplished without having to compete with the opposite sex.


At the beginning of the world, it is said that Eve was created from Adam’s coast and that through him, a woman was made. God found that a man couldn’t be alone for the rest of his life and needed company so he created Eve, which is also known to be the sole reason of the downfall of humankind. All these may well be myths or truths, we can’t really tell but one thing’s for sure is that when God threw them out of paradise and casted a spell at Eve and said that she would suffer from now on and carry a child in her, he was goddamn right. DRC (3)

Every man needs a woman in his life no matter how tiresome we are. We need men too in our lives because we complete each other. Some women like to stay at home and take care of her family, husband and kids, while others prefer to work and be independant. Whichever category you belong to, you deserve something special. A day that reminds you of how beautiful and extraordinary of a creature you are. Women go through so much pain when giving birth. They carry a baby, sometimes up to seven kids at once, in their belly for seven and nine months. They cook and wash clothes with their bare hands in countries where they can’t afford washing machines or in some parts in Africa, including the DRC. So when it comes to compensate them for all they do, all they ask is for the world’s attention to recognize the hard work they do and what they really represent in our society. DRC (4)

It seems that over the past years, women received more recognition than now. People then knew the value of a woman and her importance. They actually believed in women’s right. But now it seems like things have changed a little. Women now raise questions directed to them as to what their role is truly in the society. With everything going on and the direction our world is going to, women became an easy target and prey for the hungry men. We feel as though we need more protection and therfore think that we’re not valued. DRC (5)

One thing that still remains with its title is women’s day, which happens to be on the 8th of March every year. On that special day, women all over the world are being celebrated and thanked for everything they do. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it’s well celebrated even though many say that it’s not the same as it used to be back then, even going back to three or four years. DRC (2)

This year, as to many other things, I’ve got the chance to celebrate it here. So I went to the center of the city, the heart of Kinshasa to get a glimpse of that world of mine. I believe I chose the best spot because that’s where things happen, the Gare Centrale, including some of the biggest events and celebrations. A great number of the women were dressed in traditional clothing (le pagne), each with a different style and it was so colorful. I put on my red dress to blend in well. We went as far as taking pictures with strangers because the rainbow of colors was breathtakingly beautiful. There was music, couples with the same fabric design and families as well. After such an eventful day, I went back home, ready for a good night of sleep and a better tomorrow.