There’s a saying that goes ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ and I can’t argue with that. Simplicity is key to anything. You can go as big and grandiose as you want but at the end of the day, simplicity beats it all.


In Africa, many of us thrive to succeed in whatever we do. We may not have everything the white man invented or all the technological supplies modern-day countries have and this gives us motivation to create our own and do the best we could witth wthat we have, as many of you have seen so many things in different African countries, that peopple replace by what they originally are.


In Kinshasa, there are so many things that people create that the naked eye would not believe, like for instance the basic TV satellite, some university students here recreated it using only simple materials such as a small margarine box, a plastic plate, adhesive tape and two antennas, and guess what? It’s a huge success. There are so many other things similar. kinshasa drc (3)

Amidst the streets of Kinshasa, you’d hear clinking noises literally every two minutes. If you’re not familiar with it, it sounds like two bottles or glasses clinking, and if you look, there’s a man responsible for making that sound. That same person is the solution to all your problems. Nah, just kidding! But for a part it is.


Imagine that you have no time to get a manicure and pedicure or you’re in rush and you just can’t do it yourself or don’t have the right tools, or you’re busy working on a project that you have to submit the following day, and you still need to get your nails done? Then not to worry, problem solved. There’s a young man right outside your door waiting to work on those hand or toenails of kinshasa drc (4)

I was surprised when I first saw him but when I tried I was actually staring in awe at the great job he has done. This time, I decided to show you the experiment on one of his clients. She was in a rush that day and wanted to get her legs neatly done before going out. As soon as she heard him outside, we called him and he came in, ready to work. She sat on a chair, while he sat on an empty milk box that he carries around, and he immediately got to work. With only a few tools, he did a great job, cleaning those nails and removing unecessary extra dead skin, then filing the nails to give them a good looking shape, then finished off by applying the nail polish of her choice, which was red at the time and tadam, mission accomplished! kinshasa drc (6)

That young man has no previous experience or gone to an expensive esthetician school, but learned the job by practicing. He’s always walking around with his bags which contain his tools, but mainly work with only three, a nail file, nail scissors and nail polish remover. Before starting, he usually places the feet on top of two small bottles to kind of elevate them and be able to work properly. Then, file them, cut if needed and remove your old nail polish. I was amazed yet again as I watched him work his magic on this lovely lady in the pictures you see and how fast he had been. kinshasa drc (7)

The prices are unbelievably low. It’s usually 500 FC for both hands or feet which costs less than $1 and if you add extra nails, then you add an additional 500 and it’s a closed deal. kinshasa drc (1) kinshasa drc (2)

Now you needn’t worry about anything if you’re either tight on money or the clock is against you. If you just get outside your home gate or look through the window and shout ‘Manzaka’ or ‘Vernis’ they will come right to your door step and start polishing those hands and feet.