When we start planning for an upcoming trip, there are many things to take into consideration but the second thing that comes into place right after the destination, is the accomodation. Where to stay is always the question that troubles us most, especially when you don’t have your own private room at your cousin’s seven bedroom mansion. Nah, I’m only kidding!

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Before you start booking your place, you think of your budget, unless your a multi millionaire with many checks to cash. Okay, serious now. Having a budget can sometimes make or break a trip because the tighter the budget, the narrower your choices become, you think, but it’s not always the case. At least not anymore in our world today, where everything becomes easy with just one click. You spend endless hours, glued in front of your computer screen, searching for the ‘right’ place, something that answers your needs but it doesn’t end and you find yourself falling into more categories, especially in a country like DRC, where the tourism is just starting to emerge.

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I have to say that Kinshasa has changed a lot, according to what others have said and what I’ve seen myself. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve witnessed a lot of great changes and many constructions are been done. More shops, eateries and hotels are being built everywhere around the city. Now, speaking of hotels, I’ve brought to you one of the best places to stay at while in Kinshasa. Le wapal hotel is your new pick if you need to gate away from the busty city and downtown’s traffic jam. It’s the perfect place to relax and escape the noise of Kinshasa during the day and night. Its placement makes it a unique spot that attracts tourists, foreigners and congolese living abroad, coming for a short vacation. It’s safe and close to the station, whether you want a taxi or a bus.

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They also offer a car service for an airport pickup or drop out or just going around the city. The cozy hotel has more than 15 well equipped air conditionned rooms, with either single or double bed. The outdoor area is well equipped with a swimming pool, a bar that serves a variety of food and drinks, a pool table, a television, and a seating area and all the bathrooms are fully equipped and impecably clean. The price of the room can range between $80/90 a night with breakfast included. The first time I came to Kinshasa in July 2014, I stayed there for ten days and I made friends with some of the staff members and it was painful to leave. It’s located in 62 Avenue Allee Verte, Macampagne, commune de Ngaliema. The serenity that the hotel brings makes your stay one of a kind.

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Let’s be honest, we all know that your hotel selection is very crucial and can be very tricky, especially if it’s your first visit in the chosen city. Choose carefully. Make sure you pick a place worth staying at, not only a hotel with a good bed, but great service, food and an atmosphere so good it leaves you lost in amazement. Because how else could you enjoy your day ahead if you’ve had a grumpy night, on a lumpy bed only to wake up with mosquito bites everywhere on your skin. Now that you’ve added le Wapal on your list, all you need to do is book your flight to Kinshasa! Hurry up, first come, first served.

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