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So where are you now?


Goma, DRC


Cool places to grab a bite? 


Restaurant Maghali Fan Club, Chez Maman Léontine – This restaurant is located at the Rond Point de la Justice, they serve local food at very reasonable prices. Vegetable based dishes cost less than those including meat. If you want liboke you might do well to pass by the day before to make sure they have it. This is not a fancy place, it’s a local joint frequented mostly by local people (always a sign of good food if you ask me). There has been roadwork/construction right in front of the restaurant for the past few months, but it looks like they are nearly done. I think once that’s done business will pick up again. There’s a compound next door and I’ve always wondered if they had live bands/music there at night. People rave about the fish, tilapia, but I’m not a fan of fresh water fish:-(

Restaurant Maghali Fan-Club - Chez Maman Léontine

Restaurant Maghali Fan-Club – Chez Maman Léontine

Lac Kivu Lodge – This fancy place is located on Himbi Road. There’s a French restaurant on the premises and a few months ago, brunch came to town, served on the weekend from 10-2pm. A very wide range of foods available, everything from fruits to fufu and fish. For those wanting something lighter you’ll find toast, various pastries and croissants, salads and everything else you need for a hearty continental breakfast. The setting here by Lake Kivu is absolutely amazing; this lake looks like the sea! The lush vegetation and colourful flowers around the grounds make it feel like a Caribbean resort. The brunch is self-serve but there are waiters nearby if you need help. Sometimes the fresh fruit juices can be a little lacklustre. If you’re lucky you’ll meet one or both of the resident dachshunds.


Le Roi du Cossa – this one is not in Goma but in Gombe, Kinshasa. I went twice in one week and ordered the same thing; why mess with a good thing! They serve these giant plates filled with giant shrimp (heads on and everything) in a well seasoned and rich broth. You can have a side of rice, fries or friend plantain (makemba) but really, that’s not why you go there. On my first visit I looked around the restaurant and everyone had that same Cossa Royale so…🙂. The roads and streets in Kinshasa are a nightmare. That week when I went twice, it had rained the previous nights so getting out of the car was sketchy, puddles the size of a bulldozer everywhere. Also, the parking situation isn’t ideal, but it’s all worth it. The restaurant is small and can fill up quickly so, for anyone wishing to go there, I’d advise that they plan their lives right;-) there is a small, decent selection of wine.


Chill spots for after work drinks?


Hmmm that’s a difficult one. I don’t know what locals do but for me, given the limitations on what areas I can go to, my choices are very limited. Also, the options are almost set in stone in terms of where to go on what day!

For example, Wednesday nights are Chalet (220 Avenue de la Paix, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo), where they may have a buffet and there’s a pretty tasty pizza. Just a few steps down towards the lake is Djo’s bar owned and operated by the same Chalet folks.

Nyumbani Lounge

Nyumbani Lounge

Friday nights are Nyiumbani (1 Boulevard Kanya Mulanga, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo), a pretty but small second story restaurant/bar in downtown Goma. The food and drinks are ok. Like any other place, it’s a matter of trying things to see what you like/dislike. The DJ changes from time to time as does the music.


Saturday nights are for one of the newest kids on the block, LAPA, a beautiful yard, decorated to feel like a sophisticated backyard. There’s a bar, various eating areas/alcoves and beautiful local art on display. The food is hit and miss (learned the hard way that they don’t know how to make falafel and that the meatballs are saltier than the Red Sea).

Service is so-so at all these places and from ordering to eating 1 hour or more could go by!!!


How do you travel around so much? Any tips for others?


1. Make travel your priority if it’s your passion

2. Find a way to link your job and love of traveling

3. Don’t be afraid to travel solo (like mom says, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger)

4. Go places your heart aches for, not what’s trending on social media

5. Make hostels your preferred place to stay to save some $$


Your next destination?


Barcelona, Spain….in just a few hours!

Lac Kivu Lodge

Lac Kivu Lodge




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