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Being a food lover, I am always looking out for new restaurants and cafes. Whenever I begin my researches, I don’t solely base them on one specific place or type. I love to look everywhere and try all the variety of cuisine a country has to offer. Mixing and matching, and trying out food of different cultures. Everyone has a favorite place they eat at, but I like to have more than one. It takes nothing but experience to become a connoisseur and experience comes from trying out and seeking more.

Traveling around so many places had allowed me to taste different kind of foods and learn about the most popular dish a country is best known for, especially when it comes to good pastry or a delicious desert. I always say that a good bakery is all you need because what’s better than sipping on a perfect cup of tea and eating your favorite muffin on a Saturday morning?


We’ve all tasted a thousand different types of chocolate or velvet cake but there’s always that ‘one’ special place that stole our heart that we always come back to. For instance, when I was in the Philippines, I’ve had chocolate cakes in many places but my favorite was at the Cebu Waterfront Hotel. When I came back to Kinshasa, I didn’t waste time in doing what I love. I’ve tried out deserts in different bakeries and I’ve found one that truly captured my heart and was worth sharing with others.

Among the many hidden gems of Kinshasa, Eric Kayser is by far the best bakery/cafe in town. Their pastries are top notch. They have every desert you’re looking for. Puff pastries, tarts, cakes, muffins, biscuits and many more. You can get a mini tart or a slice of cake for just $2.5, and a sandwich for less than $10, which is pretty good considering the name and location. While there, you should definitely try one of their bagels sandwiches. The avocado tuna is to die for! They have a wide variety of sandwiches, salads and bread you could choose from. The first time I was there, I decided to try their chocolate tart and the taste was ridiculously delicious! The way the chocolate melts in the mouth, mixed with the soft crisp of the biscuit…


They also have a variety of juices and soft drinks. Due to its outstanding service and food, the place attracts a lot of foreigners as well as locals. There’s an air conditioned indoor area for those who want to escape the sun during rainy seasons and the outdoor area is a good place if you’re looking for some fresh air while enjoying your food. The servers are dressed neatly and all the staff members are extremely friendly and very helpful. It’s opened daily, in Gombe, from morning until seven in the evening, and on Sundays from 11 in the morning until three in the afternoon.

Eric Kayser is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone who would like to try something new and live a unique experience. Whether you’re a carnivore, a pescetarian or a vegetarian, you’ll find something that’s right for you. The place never falls short of anything. Not only is it a good place to spend your mornings but your afternoons as well. Next time you’re in Kinshasa, you know where to head to. For all food lovers out there, there’s a magical place awaiting you in the heart of Africa.