Being here in Congo has shown me a lot of things. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. A world I’ve never seen before, not even thought of in the widest of my imagination. I’m forever glad I’ve got to see the part of me I always thought I had lost in another world. I realized that living in a country and talking about it are two different things and that it isn’t only about discovering new restaurants and bars and having fun going around. It really is about that feeling you get, the experiences you live, when deep in your heart you know that had you been somewhere else you would have never felt the same as what you felt at that moment. And that yes, you could have felt something else in another place but you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one for nothing in the world.


Let me take you in the life of a Congolese graduation but this one was very special to me because it was my sister’s graduation.


A year ago, in early October, my sister started a Fashion design program in Centre de Saint Joseph des Soeurs Caramelites in Kinshasa. At the begining she didn’t know what to expect or how things would turn out. She just went there with a positive mind and vowed to put all her efforts into something she liked and there she was at the end of her program, graduating and finishing off this year that was filled with so many ups and downs and a whole lot of challenges.


The ceremony started at ten am with a mass at the small cathedral inside the school, with everyone present. The graduates, family and friends were there as well. The priest started first by blessing everyone and saying a small prayer. The mass went smooth and calm until it was done and we were finally able to get out and enjoy the beginning of the end and the rest of the day.


An hour later, the ceremony started and as everyone was sitting down, the photographer was standing and family and friends were cheering as they started to call out the names and the first student was a girl by the name of Sara, then Marie-Divine was the second one and it was a great joy to see her standing there and receiving her diploma, followed by the gifts to those who deserved them.


The whole event was so beautiful with the dresses they were wearing that they each had made. Same materials but different designs. There were so many cheering and shouting and words of encouragement to those who have made it that far without letting any struggle get in their way. The joys and smiles on the faces of the graduates were priceless. I can’t even describe them in words. The feelings they felt were somehow indescribable. I’ll forever be glad to have been there and witness such an important event, not only for my sister but all the others as well. And sharing such important events with visiterlafrique.