When you say travel, you say explore and when you explore you somehow HAVE to stumble upon a great restaurant that serves one of your favorites, or even better, you might discover one or two new dishes. Part of my adventure here in Kinshasa is to discover new restaurants and eateries. I’m a food lover, as you might know by now. Though I’m a pescetarian, I never miss out on a great dish. Finding food that I like is no easy job, but here in Kinshasa you’d never fall short of vegetables or fish. 

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If you happen to stay in commune of Ngaliema, you might feel like there aren’t enough restaurants just because it’s more of a residential area. But with all these constructions and people opening new businesses, it seems like everyone is somehow interested in opening new restaurants or cafes, be it local, international or both.

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There may not be McDonald’s, Pizza hut, Auntie Anne’s or Taco Bell here in Kinshasa, but we have other great alternatives that would make you forget about all the fast food we were so used to growing up. Now in the 21st century, it’s only natural to find burgers or pizzas on a restaurant menu, including Bila’s, the new hot place in town. I discovered it while I moved up the hills in Binza Pigeon for over a month. The cool air that came from afar, the views and the scenery was all I needed for a beautiful gateway. One night, while taking a walk for some fresh air, my sister and I discovered the place. It was well lit and there were people sitting outside. Since we were in a rush, we decided to check it out the next day, so we did. We sat inside, and ordered lunch. I had a Tuna sandwich and sambousek and my sister had a burger with fries. The other times I went, I’ve tried their Oeuf a la Russe, Fried Plantine and salad nicoise. Their food menu might seem limited for some people, but the beverage menu makes up for it. They have two separate menus, with a wide variety of drinks to choose from. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Their grenadine or mint soda is a great way to skip the soft drinks. On January 7th, we decided to celebrate my sister’s birthday there for a small afternoon gathering with some drinks and fries. They have an outdoor playground area for kids. The service is impeccable with a very friendly staff and waiters. The manager responds to any complaints fast, calmly and with lots of respect. They know how to keep their customers. It’s a place worth checking while you’re in Kinshasa.


Eating out comes with its pros and cons. You never know what to expect from a place, no matter how luxurious or expensive it may seem. You may have a meal for as much as $80 and not enjoy the food or as little as $5 and have the most delicious thing you’ve tasted. It’s risky but it’s worth taking it if you’re a true adventurer. When you open up the menu of a restaurant for the first time, always choose the unfamiliar, the unknown. The one that stands out and seems unique because there’s no point in eating out if you’re just going to eat the same exact food you’ve been eating for ages. With as little as $10, you can have a meal at a good place in Kinshasa. Always be on the lookout for the new. Go on food tours, try new meals and check what a city has to offer. You might discover new ways of eating, a new life unfolding. You might fall in love with a meal and decide to become a chef or open your own restaurant, serving little delicacies from all these food you’ve been eating.

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