No more painful visa applications for nationals from ECCAS countries (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad) who wish to travel within the Community. Free movement of people was finally passed ! Going from Cameroon to the Central African Republic and finally Chad is only a formality. But going to Chad, what for?


Discover the capital N’Djamena

Economic and cultural crossroads, N’Djamena has no time and grows very quickly (thank you oil). Chad’s capital (and its 10 boroughs) is booming. Buildings grow in every corner and N’Djamena has two faces : an historic city with many facets which is now modernizing. Must do: strolling on Charles de Gaulle avenue, go see a movie at ” La Normandie “, hunt and bargain at the great market, visit the beautiful Fayçal mosque and its four minarets.



Eat kissar

Galette made of millet, kissar is a Chadian specialty that is often served with tomato sauce potato or gombo sauce. Do not leave without tasting it !


Trekking in the Tibesti desert

Described as one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, this journey in the heart of the Sahara awaits you. The authenticity of the Tibesti desert, the Emi Koussi summit, the highest point of the Sahara, and the Toubou, this nomadic clan living in the area. You will be blown away.


Explore the Lakes of Ounianga 

Seasalt water in the middle of the desert, it’s possible. After several long (or very long) hours driving through the desert of Tibesti, you will arrive to the Lakes of Ounianga where you may be lucky enough to see many hippos, Seba pythons, black-necked cobras or alligators roaming there.


A camel ride in Ennedi

Tibesti is not the only gem of Chad. Northeast of the country, Ennedi offers the most beautiful landscapes of the Sahara, between canyons, mountains, natural wells. A museum to discover and a living desert that you can cross while riding a camel. Enjoy!


Visit the Zakouma National Park

Make a detour in the south-eastern part of Chad, a few kilometers  away from Am-Timan to get to the Zakouma National Park. In one of the largest animal reserves in Central Africa, you will encounter elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, lions, antelopes and more.


Come see manatees at the Lake Léré

To see manatees, there are several options including Lake Léré. To get there, you will have to go through Cameroon. Once there, you will discover a mix of carp, manatees, fishermen, swimmers, and even ladies washing clothes…


Explore the Gauthio Falls

« WOW ! », this is the reaction you have when you lay your eyes on the Gauthiot Falls in the Mayo Kebi, south of the country, tens of kilometers from Lake Lere. Stunning, spectacular and huge waterfalls. Surreal.


Drink a Gala

The Gala is Chad’s local beer. Must try !


Enjoy yourself at the Fada desert festival

The perfect timing is to visit Chad in February, for the Fada desert festival. For several days, hundreds of Chadians offer a show to those who participate in this festival : camel races, marathon, songs, dances, music, and of course a gourmet feast.


Photo credits : Eliane Madji NatoingarDzmitry Aleinik