Have your heard about the Tour de l’Espoir? It’s one of 6 races that make up the UCI Nation’s Cup U23, a cycling competition organized by the International Cycling Union. For the second year in a row, the Tour de l’Espoir will be taking place in Africa, this time in Cameroon.


From February 4th to February 9th 2019, 19 teams from all the corners of the world, the African continent in particular, are set to put the pedal to the metal across Cameroon.


Get ready for for some high octane moments this week!


The race


The cyclist will be riding for a total of 405km in 5 stages set across 5 major cities in Cameroon.


  • The first stage takes place in Douala on February 4th. For you cycling connoisseurs, this event is a team time trial. This kickoff round consists of 2 laps around the  Douala City centre, starting and finishing at the Olympia Canal via the Boulevard de la République and Avenue Japoma.
  • The second stage on February 5th will also take place in Douala, this time starting at Bonamoussadi and ending  at Canal Olympia. The racers will be covering distance of 102km
  • The third stage on February 6  will  take place across the semi-mountainous landscapes from Nkongsamba to Dschang. As they approach Dschang’s city centre, the riders will pass by the Santchou cliff, a natural beauty also known the foréké-dschang cliff at an altitude of 1460m.
  • On February 8, the fourth stage will start from the Place des Fêtes in Ngoulemakong to Canal Olympia in Yaoundé. This challenging stage will feature  highlights on the coasts of Mbalmayo (719m) and Santa Lucia Mvan (781m)
  • The final stage on February 9th will be a Yaoundé grand tour starting from the Boulevard de la Reunification, passing the Rue de l’Université and culminating at the Canal Olympia.

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Two major concerts will hosted showcasing the musical talents putting Cameroon on the map. These 2 never before seen shows aptly called 237 UNITED will feature major artists from  the French and English music scenes. On the bill: Daphne, Adango, Blanche, Locko and Mr Leo, all sure to bring down the house!


Concert dates to remember: February 4th at Canal Olympia Bessengue (Douala) and February 9th at Canal Olympia Yaoundé 1



More info:

  • Tune into the Canal+ Group’s channels to catch the race at home from Africa or Europe
  • Concert tickets are in pre-sale for 2000 fcfa at Canal Olympia and at Canal+ points of sale
  • Many activities will be taking place before, during and after the Tour de l’Espoir on the Tour de l’Espoir caravan including giveaways and contests.

Check out their website for more details on this event:  www.tourdelespoir.cm




If you’re looking for a good reason to discover Africa in miniature, what could be better than an international sporting and cultural event turned popular festival.


See you soon in Cameroon!