After traveling to Chad, today we are going to discover the Central African Republic. Located in the heart of Central Africa, the CAR is full of hidden gems to discover. Between forests, wildlife, and monuments you will not be disappointed. Come on for a ride to go around the country!


Boali Falls
A magical and impressive place where the M’Bari river empties from 50m high and 250m wide. Located 2 hours away from Bangui, it is one of the most prominent attractions of the country. Once on top of the falls, you can descend via stairs dug through rocks, needless to say that some bathe there but it is not necessarily recommended. The adventure does not stop here, just 15km away we invite you to make a stop at the crocodiles lake. If you need a breath of fresh air, this is the ideal place. You can stay at the Boali resort in order to fully enjoy.


Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park
This huge national park is located in the north of the country. It extends over 17,400km2 or half of Belgium, we can easily say that it cannot be visited in a day. This is one of the richest reserves of the continent by its fauna and flora. It includes numerous and varied species of mammals (about 57): black rhinoceroses, elephants, cheetahs, leopards, buffalo, various species of birds. This site is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988. Three waterways blend here, the Monovo the Koumbala and the Gounda. A rare place, in the wild, as natural as the first day, although threatened by poachers


Welcome to Bangui M’poko airport, also known as, ” Bangui la Coquette “. It is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Central Africa. Bangui is located at the border between Congo – Kinshasa and Central Africa, on the right bank of the Oubangui River.


Bangui Cathedral
Officially named The Cathédrale Notre-Dame of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is a catholic place of worship that was built, in its present form in 1930. It is located in the center of Bangui, and extends over 4 hectares. The cathedral has known many looting.


Renaissance palace
It is located in the heart of the capital, at the foot of the Gbazabangui hill. It houses the presidency and the “zero kilometer” roundabout from where the biggest avenues of the city start. It is possible to visit it at certain times of the day.


Boganda Museum
The National Museum Barthélemy Bogonda is located in the old colonial city of Bangui. We can find art and all the Central African traditions. Created in the home of its founder Barthélemy Boganda, his goal was to highlight the culture and art of the Republic of Central Africa. At the time of writing, the museum had already been the target of a robbery some time ago, despite this its team stays in place and they try as much as they can to keep the soul of the museum and its creator, lover of his country.


K-Five (Kilometer-5)
The must see, popular market where christians and muslims come together. We hunt, bargain, enjoy and find great deals like every great market.


Where to eat?
« Madame Mboka »’s restaurant, behind the socatel in Bangui Sica neighborhood, specialized in the Ubangi River grilled fish. The brasserie « The New Satis » in the city center offers western cuisine and finally the « Carré Gourmand » specialized in meat and grilled fish, the place is very rustic, charming and relaxing.


A sunset
It may not be one of the most beautiful beaches, but the sunset is worth the journey, for a moment we forget all about Pama beach or the river banks of Oubangui.



The Boat Race
Chaque 1er décembre, jour de la fête national, a lieu la traditionnelle course de pirogue sur le fleuve Oubangui. Une vraie compétition avec près d’une dizaine de pirogues et une centaine de participants. Une journée de joie et de bonheur chez les banguissois, c’est toute la ville qui est en liesse. Uniquement les hommes participent, les femmes et les enfants ainsi que certains touristes encouragent chacun leur équipe.