Comoros_flag_ip Country name: The Comoro Island

Sub-region: Southern Africa

Capital city: Morony

Despite the huge amount of natural ressources present in this island, which coul be a real asset to attract tourism, the Comoros do not see its tourism industry expanding much. Indeed, less than 3000 tourist s per year choose the Comoros as their holiday destination. Rather than the Comoro Island, they tend to opt for other islands such as Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar or Seychelles. By choosing the Comoros for your next holiday, you will discover the treasures and richess of this archipelago without suffering from thousands of tourists. Stroll the streets in the old town of Morony, the capital city and take a view of its charming narrow streets with wooden doors delicately carved. Relax on beautiful beaches and explore nice littles villages by the seaside. You will take great delight in discovering wildlife and will get the chance to catch sight of turtles, dolphins and whales. The bravest one may even want to climb the Kathala mont volcano to admire the view and a beautiful sunset on this heavenly island.

Currency: comorian franc

Official languages, languages spoken: Shikomor, french, Arabic


  • Compulsory: Yellow fever. Only get vaccinated if you have previously travelled in a area where the disease was present. If you come from Europe, central.
  • Fièvre Jaune: absente dans ce pays. Se vacciner uniquement en cas de séjour préalable dans une zone où la maladie est présente. Cette mesure ne vous concerne donc pas si vous venez d’Europe, d’Amérique du Nord, Centrale et Australe, d’Asie ou d’Océanie.
  • Recommended: Hepatitis A&B, thyphoid, diphteria, tetanus, poliomyelitis

Airlines flying to the destination: Kenyan Airways / Air Madagascar / Air Austral / Air France

Editor’s words  If you have ever dreamt of discovering the indian Ocean wandering off the beaten track, fly to the Comoros ! a wealth of beauty

Quote /proverb  If you want to eat a good mango, get it directly from the tree

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