Central_African_Republic_flag_ip Sub-region: The Central African Republic

Sub-region: Central Africa

Capital: Bangui

The Central African Republic, or CAR is a state that covers 600,000 km2. CAR is limited by Cameroon to the west, Chad to the north, Sudan to the east and the two Congo to the south. Savannah and rainforest enrich CAR. Its diverse wildlife (elephants, rhinos, leopards, hippos, lions, gazelles etc …) is one of the greatest wealth of the country. Boali Falls are also a tourist must.

Currency: Central African CFA franc

Official languages, languages spoken: French, Sango

Vaccinations: Yellow fever

Airlines flying to the destination: Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Kenya Airways, Angola Airlines, Camair-Co

We tested for you  The Boali Falls : a magical and impressive place where the M’Bari river empties from 50m high and 250m wide. Located 2 hours away from Bangui, it is one of the most prominent attractions of the country. Once on top of the falls, you can descend via stairs dug through rocks, needless to say that some bathe there but it is not necessarily recommended. The adventure does not stop here, just 15km away we invite you to make a stop at the crocodiles lake.

Quote /proverb  No matter how long the night is, the sun will always rise

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