Cape_Verde_flag_ip Country name:  Cape verde islands

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital: Praia

Welcome to the Cape verde islands, archipelago off the coast of Senegal. Cape verde is a perfect mix of Africa, South America and Europe. Amongst the 10 islands making up the country, the most famous are Boa Vista, Sal island and Santiago. Volcanic islands with wild charms, you can go hiking here, relax on the beach, surf and above all enjoy the rhythm of « sodade » and « morna ».

Currency: the escudo of cape verde ( CVE ). 1 euro = 110,265 CVE

Official languages, languages spoken:  

  • Official language: Portuguese
  • National language : Cape verdean creole

Mandatory vaccination: No vaccine is mandatory. But advised to take :  

  • Universal vaccines (DTCP, hepatitis B) ; hepatitis A ; typhoid fever.
  • Possibly rabies and meningococcal to meningitis A and C.

Airlines flying to the destination:  TACV (national airline), TAPortugal / XL airways

Editor’s words We love Cape Verde for Césaria Evora, for the cachupa, the national dish which is a kind of stew made of corn and black beans.

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