benin_flag_ip Country name:  Bénin

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital: Cotonou (economic capital) / Porto Novo (administrative capital)

Small country nestled between Togo and Ghana, Benin serves as a model in the sub region of west Africa through its exemplary political stability. Although small in size, Benin offers many assets and specialties that make Benin an ideal destination for culture, seaside resorts, ecotourism, art, history and memory. If you are a lover of history royalties, the Abomey museum retraces the splendor of the Dahomey Kingdom, present Benin. As for the seaside resorts, Grand Popo and Possotomé are waiting for you. If you are fond of nature and wildlife, you will be delighted by the two national parks in the North , Pendjari and W (shared with Niger and Burkina Faso). In Benin, give up on conventional cars, the most popular mean of transport is the Zems (Zémidjan) the moto-taxi.

Currency: Franc CFA

Official language: French

National languages: fongbé, mina, yoruba, bariba etc…

Mandatory vaccination: yellow fever

Airlines flying to the destination:  Air France / Turkish Airlines / Ethiopian Airlines / Kenya Airways / Royal Air Maroc / Brussels Airlines / Equatorial Congo Airlines(Ecair) / Air Burkina

Editor’s words Our favourites in Benin are the DANTOKPA market, the Ali Baba cave of « pagne » (loincloths) and the ZINSOU foundation which is the highest cultural center with artists exhibitions.

We tested for you I heard that in Benin, it’s the moto-taxi that prevails. I was warned but I absolutely did not expect what I saw when I landed in Cotonou last week. To the left, to the right, in front, behind… EVERYWHERE … PARTOUT ! The « Zémidjans » or « Zems » as we call them are everywhere. « Zémidjans » means « Take me fast » in fon, the local dialect. — Syra

Quote /proverb  Life is like a reed on the waterfront, which leans sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other

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