<h2>[Maroc's ambassador]</h2>
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<p><br />[Age: 22 ans] <br />[Town of residence: Rabat] <br /><br /><br /> Aged twenty-two years, Sara Askazai was born in Baghdad ( Iraq). Sara spontaneously started doing photography at the age of 14, making this activity one of his main hobbies. It also makes painting and his first painting to have been sold was at the age of twenty. His uncle and grandfather, both photographers, and his mother have undoubtedly offered an opening on the art and are predisposed to develop some creativity throughout his life. Having been exposed to very young art forms, she learned to cultivate an artistic taste, to appreciate and produce an aesthetic expression. Language is sometimes limited and beyond words, she discovered early how to manifest what sometimes could not be expressed with mere words, this somehow purge the spirit and attributes this to the liberating effect 'art.</p>

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