dz_flag_ip Country name: Algeria

Sub-region: North Africa

Capital: Algiers

Algeria is located between Morocco and Tunisia. Its size makes it the 10th largest country in the world. Populated by almost 40 million inhabitants, this country is full of tourist attractions: in the south the Sahara desert, in the north the reliefs of Atlas, Constantine a city rich in history, and Algiers the lively capital.

Currency: Dinar (DZD)

Official languages, languages spoken: Arabic, Berber, French

Vaccinations: Yellow fever

Airlines flying to the destination: Air Algerie, Air France, Brussel Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Aigle Azur, Air Méditerranée, Iberia, Vueling Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Malta

Editor’s words  We love Algeria because its assets are still protected from mass tourism. Lovers of the desert, coastline, and cultural relics will be in the right place in Algeria.

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