Who are we?


Created on June 30, 2014 Visiter l’Afrique is an interactive and collaborative digital platform dedicated to tourism and culture in Africa. Through photography and stories, people published their very own travel journals, talk about their daily lives, their village, city and country. Visiter l’Afrique covers the whole continent from North to South and East to West, thanks to the narratives of all those who are passionate about Africa.


Why did we create Visiter l’Afrique


Today, Africa is mainly represented by non-Africans through various media. They often have a pessimistic Africa, where only famine, war, poverty and other ills prevail. After traveling to several African countries, you realize that Africa has many facets: its beautiful landscapes, its vitality, its warm and welcoming people, its many opportunities as well as its challenges. The Visiter l’afrique website was a no-brainer: we had to show Africa as it is, to present an image that didn’t gloss over problematic realities but steered clear of stereotypes and focused on the many opportunities the continent has to offer.


How do we do what we do?


Visiter l’Afrique is on on hand a community of travellers who, having visited the continent, share their stories, their favourite spots and tips in travel logs published on our website.

“Visiting Africa” ​​includes the one hand, a community of travelers, having visited the continent, sharing their stories, their favorites, their meetings through the log books published by us on the website.We also bring together locals share their day-today lives and taken us around their villages, cities and countries.


Our team


Diane Audrey Ngako, Founder and Artistic Director: [email protected]


Edwige Alphée Adimi, Editorial Manager: [email protected]


Edith Tialeu Kadji, head of ambassadors: [email protected]


Syra Sylla, the Web Manager Tv (current output): [email protected]


Lena Nuentsa, Communication Officer and Partnerships: [email protected]


Clémence Apetogbor, Head of Social Networks: [email protected]


Sally Vusi, English Content Manager: [email protected]